Il matrimonio di Peter e Sheri

Positano 22 giugno 2006


The Great Amalgamation in Positano

by Buddy Kinder

 It was the middle of June in the summer of 2006 when a very strange phenomenon happened in the town of Positano, Italy.  People from all walks of life descended upon the quaint and romantic sea side town on the beautiful Amalfi coastline.  Some came from as far away as South Africa, the Orient, Australia, America, the Middle East, parts of Europe while others came from just the other side of Positano itself.  There were Georgia bulldogs, Georgia peaches, Bama good ole boys, West Coast studs, East Coast deal makers, Texas derelicts, African American blacks and African whites.  Their occupations encompassed the full gambit.  There were safari guides, ancient historical intellectuals, restaurant owners, local hotel owners, builders, musicians, writers, philosophers, ex-beauty queens, lawyers, judges, stock brokers, doctors, producers, directors, models, actors, clergymen and just about any line one can imagine.  With no visible sign of commonality, it was as if God summoned Noah to bring every type of humanity together for one event.  This gathering was a great amalgamation of different kinds of people that came together for a special celebration of a pair of people that each attendee knew in their own individual way.

            As one studied this conglomeration of people gathered in this remote Italian town, there became one common thread that somehow wove this diverse group tightly together.  That common thread was the celebration of the wedding of Peter Weller with Sheri Stowe.  All these people were all somehow associated with the lives of this couple and were invited to come together to bear witness on one of their most private and intimate moments of their lives.  Unlike most people who associate with friends who have homogenous tastes and likes, Peter and Sheri develop relations with people that have the full spectrum of backgrounds and somehow seem to be able to maintain these relationships for their entire life.  There were family friends that went back to inception.  There were school friends from high school through college and finally into post graduate work.  There were acting friends from their beginning in New York to the present in LA.  There were production friends, modeling friends, musical friends, and intellectual friends.  There were local Italian friends from Cappuccino makers to roaming Gypsies.   There were alcoholics, ex-alcoholics, ex-drugees, 12 steppers, 2 steppers, and cigar buddies.  Some of their bodies were wilted and deformed while others were physical specimens to behold.  This list of diversity goes on too long to describe in any timely manner.

            Peter and Sheri have the unique talent of being able to have 300 guests and make each guest feel like he or she is an integral part of the celebration.  It is their one on one contact with each guest in a one in three hundred setting that makes everyone feel important.  All participants felt so blessed just to be able to share this very special moment of their lives.  The nuptial ceremony at the Church of Santa Maria Assunta and the party that followed was so beautiful that all the differences in the world seemed to go away for just a few hours.  The amazing part of this gathering was that everybody got along so well regardless of its diverse make-up.  In the end, the differences that looked so big when everybody arrived seemed so small when everybody left.